I want you to meet Kaylie, a formidable artist and human being. Kaylie completed the very first intake of The Business Formula and her growth has been epic.

Click on the video to hear her story!

Kaylie came to me with drive and determination but lacked those vital business skills to propel her career forward. Through completing The Business Formula, she found the knowledge and support to pursue what she truly wanted for her career. She discovered something remarkable about herself. Kaylie isn’t just a performer. She’s a CREATOR and through The Business Formula, she was able to fully realise that.

“I recently graduated at the end of last year and I felt stuck. I felt like I didn’t know how to navigate post-study and I didn’t know what I wanted or brought to the industry. I had so many questions that were, in turn, weighing me down. I decided to reach out for help with The Artists Hustle.

The Business Formula, for me, has been about stepping into my power through the tools that the program has given me. It’s been internal and external. There have been very practical, hands-on things while you sift through and thoughts and beliefs that you had. It’s really been about letting go of things that don’t serve you any more and stepping into this new growth.”

The program starts from the inside out because I believe when you know who you are, then your purpose becomes more aligned and everything external will fall into place. You won’t question if it’s ‘right’. You’ll just know.

Sounds weird because I talk about the business of the industry, right?

BUT – your business needs to have a solid foundation, a business plan, and be able to communicate to your target audience effectively. To really own  this level of ‘CEO of you’ and trust the process you need that inner confidence and belief. 

Just look at Kaylie, she’s established herself as a creative with clarity and confidence. Kaylie doesn’t feel obligated to take on just any audition because she knows what she wants from her career. She’s moved into producing, having already produced her first cabaret where she was able to employ and pay other performers. That’s huge. Her brand is established and Kaylie has a plan in place for the next year which she is actively working on every day. She is currently working on a show that she loves. 

The Business Formula program is transformative. I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it because you deserve this for your career.

The next intake begins in October with applications closing on Friday 29th  September 29th.