Having a mentor is the shortcut to success

Hi, I’m Kat Hoyos

Welcome to The Artists Hustle. You’ve decided you want this career to be as successful as possible and here is how I can help.

About Me

I was born in Sydney and went straight into dance class at age 5. Always learning into creativity I loved singing, dancing and acting. At the end of high school I got the acting bug and delved further into my study. Throughout my career have had major wins!

On the other side growing up, I was an only child, so I grew up pretty independently, and also from a single parent household. My mum taught me how to be resilient. Little did i know I was about to tap into a career where it was all about bring resilient and then some!


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I love adventure, travelling, scary rides and eating delicious food (who doesn’t). I also love laughing, being silly and will never say no to playing a video game or board game, or any game at that. I love going to concerts, keeping with nature and it’s gifts but most of all just being around people that inspire me, and that I love.

I will never say no to hanging out with animals and patting them. I’m a work in progress when it comes to maths and listening to country music but am doing my best.

I’m at that point in my life where I have the capacity to turn around and give back to the community and so throughout 2020 and beyond my thoughts became ideas, which became a plan with a strategy that is now manifesting so welcome to The Artists Hustle!

My Training

Formally I completed a bachelor of creative arts degree in performance majoring in theatre and music.

I also completed a certificate IV in dance performance. I have done countless workshops, seminars, private lessons, courses in the following: singing, dancing, acting for film and television, theatre, improvisation.

I’ve studied different techniques within the performance umbrella. Personally on a holistic level I have and continue to check in on my mental health with a therapist which has tapped into a whole new discovery of behavioural/performance psychology, mindset training and even using Traditional Chinese Medicine as a means to see the world and myself through a different lens, and have done a number of courses with behavioural specialist Dr. John Demartini.

Limited Spaces Available

Limited spaces are available in each 6-month intake. The process is set up to ensure the best outcome from those in this course. You can apply now. No payment will be taken