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Kat is one of a kind in all that she does; Teacher, actor, mentor and Artist. The amount of experience and knowledge she has to share is so incredibly valuable.

It was amazing to be in Kats class and to feel the energy of commitment and encouragement towards the work.

The knowledge she shares is an eye opener for me and all other artists. I really feel proud and honored to know and work with Kat, as she truly is such a great teacher and leader!

She is intuitive, generous and kind in sharing her knowledge of the work and the industry.

I always turn to Kat when I have questions navigating the industry in Australia and the work.

Her constant drive to give, share and motivate is priceless!

Laura New


The Artist’s Hustle provides actors with the imperative skills not only focusing on their craft but acknowledging themselves as a business.

After living in LA for five years I learnt this the hard way- the Artist’s Hustle is a fast track way to hone your knowledge and stay accountable alongside a great community. And Kat is the one I trust! She’s got your back

When I returned to Australia, Kat was the first one I turned to on advice of who to reconnect with back in the Aussie market. Suggestions on high caliber teachers, classes and networks. She’s been a great support.

Meisha Lowe

Actor/Filmmaker, Eadweard, Underbelly Infiltration, The Killage

I had no expectations walking in and the lessons I had were priceless. An extensive pool of knowledge from the working industry not only in acting methods and training, but real world experience, and that’s stuff you don’t get at most other places.

To come into your own and leave feeling not only empowered but discovering your emotional and mental blocks. Results are only cultivated by T.A.H who really knows what’s doing!

I highly recommend The Artists Hustle to anyone!

Phillipe Witana

Director/Dancer/Author, “Delicate” “Dance to Success” “So You Think You Can Dance” “Happy Feet 2”

I have known Kat for over 7 years, both on and off the stage. Her professionalism and attention to detail in her work carries on through her teaching and coaching.

Kat has been my go-to for all things ‘industry’ since we met. I look up to her as an artist, professional and a human. She is always full of knowledge and understanding when it comes to any questions I have about the business of showbiz!

During her career, Kat has taken on an abundance of knowledge about this industry and has created tools to assist not only herself, but others in their success! To be able to work with her is incredibly exciting.

Jaime Hadwen

Singer/Actor/Dancer, Muriels Wedding (MT), XANADU (MT), Back To The Rafters (TV), Young Rock (TV)

When it comes to transitioning between the different sectors of this industry, a mentor

like Kat Hoyos, who has so successfully made these transitions herself, is invaluable. Meeting with her gave me the knowledge I need, both foundational and commercial, to broaden my reach through the areas within the actors industry my skills can be seen and utilised.

Zachary Webster

Actor, Hamilton, Chicago, Mamma Mia!, TVCs for TELSTRA, McDonalds, Nickelodeon.

I’m truly so grateful to have crossed paths with Kat. Apart from filming my auditions/self-tapes and being a wonderful acting coach, she’s also been a friend, mentor, and life coach who will go above and beyond.

As actors, we sometimes feel stuck or unmotivated, but she keeps you accountable and gently pushes you to keep going, to grow and learn and make realistic and achievable goals to stay on track whilst continuing to move ahead in the right direction.

Kat has this beautiful energy about her, and a comfortable and relaxed set-up which makes it so easy to get into the scene and character. Not only does she give so much as an actor to work off, she has years of experience and knowledge in this industry in front and behind the camera. So you always know you’re in safe and professional hands.

Thank you Kat for always being patient, supportive, generous, and uplifting.
I’ve just recently secured a supporting role in Heath Davis’s upcoming feature film Christmess- I couldn’t have done it without you Kat! Here’s to the next one!”

Nicole Pastor

Actor, Ruby’s Choice, Box, The Cost

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