Commonly Asked Questions 

The Artists Hustle has a 12 week business program called “The Business Formula”. This is a program via application only. We are looking to helping committed artists who are READY to make a professional change.

Process for the artist hustle

You’ll firstly complete an application questionnaire so that Kat can understand where you are in your business journey as a performing artist and if The Artists Hustle – in particular The Business Formula can help.

Process for the artist hustle

If successful, the next step is the discovery call. The discovery call determines if you are truly ready to level up and Kat will let you know if you’re an ideal candidate.

Process for the artist hustle

Once accepted into The Business Formula you will have access to the 8-step module program, and working live with Kat for 12 weeks. Here is where you professionally gain tools, industry knowledge and access to your career goals. Game changer!

In the meantime below you’ll find all the questions to answers you may have. If you do have questions that are not on this page, you can always contact Kat.

Am I going to make it to Hollywood?

This is like predicting the weather. If Hollywood is your dream we can certainly help because Hollywood is ALL ABOUT BUSINESS. Kat has experienced that world and knows what is required. 

Am I going to make it to Hollywood?

If Hollywood is your dream we can certainly help because Hollywood is ALL ABOUT BUSINESS. Kat has experienced that world and knows what is required. However, the outcome of whether you ‘make it’ or not is driven by many factors, and understand there is so much uncertainty at play.

Do we get to meet in person?

At this stage, no. However, while the program keeps building and growing this may change. For now, we will work online!

Do I need to do anything else other than the program?

There will be certain requirements in the program that you will need to anticipate for. Extra investment. This won’t be directly to The Artists Hustle – The Business Formula Program but towards the investment and business of YOU. There are practical tangible things you’ll need to purchase outside of the program. But remember, these are potential tax deductions! 

How much time do I need to set aside?

Ideally 30min a day is a good window of time to be working towards your career. Some days may be longer than others. You always want to be working on something career wise each day. It’s a business, right?

I just have too much going on, will this work?

This is part of your decision making. You need to decide what is in your scope of priorities, what’s important to you, and only then will you take action. It’s always your choice. Also know that overwhelm isn’t good for you either. Be honest with where you’re at.

Is this an interstate thing in Australia?

At the moment, the main expertise comes from Kat residing in NSW. Kat has in-depth knowledge and connections to key players in the NSW industry. However, the practical business content is applicable nationwide. 

Are You Ready To Hustle?

Spaces are limited. Only serious artists are invited to join the 12 week program: The Business Formula, to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. We create a thriving, driven and supportive community for you to succeed.

Apply now with NO PAYMENT taken. We get to know you, you get to know us and successful applicants receive a FREE 45-minute Discovery Call with Kat Hoyos.

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