Are your CV and BIO looking outdated? Is it time for a refresh?

Do you need an objective eye on your material?

Do you know how to make your CV and BIO work for you?


I’m thrilled to announce a Sydney based in-person workshop Sunday December 3rd and 10th that will cover JUST that.

HOW to make your CV and BIO work for you in 2024.

When potential clients (casting directors, directors, choreographers etc) check your CV and BIO they are looking for talent who FIT with their project.

They are looking for talent who will GIVE something to their project.

They want to know if:

✅ This talent will fill the criteria

✅ This talent has the skills

✅ This talent has personality

✅ This talent has potential

These workshops are designed to see it from the outside in. We’re taking a different approach.

It will be interactive and require YOU to be open to ideas and be objective to the how your CV and BIO are refreshed.

Here’s how it will work:

Session 1 (Sunday December 3) will reshape and recreate your CV for 2024.

Session 2 (Sunday December 10) will allow you to shape your bio in a way that boosts your chances to be seen for 2024.


During the workshops we will go through:

  • Understanding differences between a CV and/or bio
  • Examine and filter skills, credits and relevance
  • Quantity vs. quality – why this is important
  • How to be casting “fit” for your goals
  • How to create the look and feel of your CV and/or bio

By the end of the workshops you will:

  • Have the ability to convert your CV or BIO according to your goals
  • Have a clear understanding of seeing your work objectively
  • Create a systemisation of your skills and credits
  • Gain additional support and education on the industry with tools around marketing

Get yourself READY for 2024.

Get your CV and BIO sorted so you can relax over the break and be ready to BOOK in 2024.

   Session 1: “Refine Your CV” – Sunday 3rd Dec – 3hrs

Session 2: “Refine Your Bio” – Sunday 10th Dec – 3hrs

Time: 10-1pm AEST

Location: Sydney (in person): TBA

Cost:  $45 for 1 workshop or $65 for 2 workshops


I strongly recommend booking in both sessions for optimal results.

PLUS there’s a discount for doing both! 


To be part of the workshop, register your interest below and we will get in touch shortly!


Any questions? info@theartistshustle.com

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